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Below is the story of a lonely guy, engulfed in his daily work routine. His life was passing with a speed of light all alone.  Although he was making decent money he wasn’t happy in life. He was lacking a sexual life and partner who can fill his lonely night with fun. The story tells how he overcomes his loneliness with a fun-filled and unforgettable night with Elite Escorts agency’s escorts service in Delhi. Read it till the end and experience the pleasure he had and his experience shared to you by himself anonymously.

Once upon a time, there was a guy, he was too busy working and making money that he forgot there is life out of this corporate world. He worked from morning till night just to earn money. He had saved a decent amount of money for himself and spent very little since he was single and was living in a small apartment in Delhi. He barely gets time thinking about himself. He was so submerged into work that whenever he gets the free time he doesn’t know what to do in free time and he would rather sit at home and sleep and drink to pass his time.

Since he was so busy into work and making money, he had no friends. So whenever he felt sad or lonely he couldn’t share his grief with anyone. He used to sit and think, how miserable his life has become. He had money but no expense, he wanted to party but had no friends, he wanted to sleep holding someone tight but had no girlfriend. So what’s the point of living this life? He asked himself! Why me god, why me?

On one fine day, he got so bored out of his life that he started to search for some random girl’s number on the internet, he knew that it would show him fake girls number but the extent of his loneliness didn’t care. He just wanted to listen to someone who could pronounce his name in the most beautiful voice! After talking to hours and hours and talking the dirtiest things on the planet, he felt relieved but in another corner of his heart, something was amiss. He had goosebumps all over his body. He was craving physical interaction. Deep down he knew that these dirty talks are not satisfying him completely moreover it was making him more anxious and bad about being lonely. He wanted real interaction, with someone not on phone but sitting next to him and looking into his eyes.

Discover how he finds Escorts service in Delhi

escorts services in delhi

He was looking on the internet for some services that provided girl for a night for a date or spend time. He stumbled upon our website’s escorts service in Delhi. He instantly contacted Elite escorts and upon a little inquiry, he booked an escorts service.

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The next day he was not alone but at the top of the world. He suddenly had someone who can listen to him, talk to him and look in his eyes, but most importantly she was someone whom he can lie at night holding her slim and gorgeous body. He knew that this is a temporary fix to his loneliness but who listens to heart when someone already has it.

He had booked a charming escort for a full day session. Her model escort met him in a sexy outfit at an amazing place in Delhi. They went out for a date and roamed across Delhi to all his favorite places. Hand in hand, body touching, with smiles on their face they were roaming in this beautiful capital city of India. They sometimes kissed as well, irrespective of what people thought about them and laughed at their silly reactions.

They spent his most amazing evening at a famous heritage site, watching the most beautiful sunset in the city. With his hands on her waist, he could feel each degree of rising in her body temperature. The next in line was their dinner at his favorite restaurant, they ate their dinner in silence and casually smiling and getting excited about what was supposed to happen next. They had an incredible smile on their face while stuck into the eyes of each other. Her sexy and gorgeous body demanded a body like him.

model escort

On their way down their hotel room, he stopped his cab at a medical store to buy some condoms for their wild night in the hotel room.

Finally, the time had come. They were in their hotel room all alone, just the Delhi escort and him. He seems pretty much excited for this night as he was going to remember these moments forever. The sexy escort stood in front of his eyes and flaunted her body as she was only made for him and for this perfect moment. She swayed her body and touched her busty boobs like she wanted him to touch them and set her body on fire.

She first removed her heels one by one and kept them aside. She came and sat next to him, she leaned forward to kiss him passionately. He kissed all over her face embarking the senses and rejuvenating her each cell of the body to the higher divine. Their intimate kiss lasted for about five minutes until their whole body turned red hot lava.

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Read what happened next with that hot Delhi escort

That lonely guy didn’t know when his hands reached her bra and were squeezing her soft big bouncy balls. There was nothing greater joy than this in heaven. She stood in front of him and asked to help her undress by pulling his hands. He stood up and helped her in undressing her silky soft one-piece outfit. Now he was starstruck looking at her gorgeous slim perfect body. She had nothing but just her slim body and attractive parts covered in bra and panty. Now the escort helped the man removing his shirt. Her tight bra occasionally touched his bare chest. Every touch of her hot body was embarking a spark in this lonely guy’s body, he had goosebumps all over his skin.

The guy looked with utmost passion at her natural gifted breasts and kissed right in between the two boobs. He gently then removed her bra hook and pulled them down. What he saw next totally blew his mind and he stood with his mouth open. He was astonished, her juicy boobs were as soft as mango and nipples a bit hard like a cherry on top. He instantly sucked the divine and sweet juice out of them. She looked at the ceiling with a heavenly moaning sound. He tried to suck whatever he could with his mouth. He often played and kissed and squeezed her tight and sweet tits. Her pulpy balls were out of the world and fuller in his fists, he hid his face into her big boobs like it was his escape from this cruel world. He realized that his penis was on peek, wanting to come out of his trouser and contribute to these amazing moments. Both looked at it and smiled with naughtiness on their mind.

delhi escorts

She then unzipped his trousers and took out his hard cock out of his pants. She rubbed his cock with her delicate hands and kissed it with her soft red lips. The man had a wide smile on his face with “aah sound”. He felt his dick a few more inches long and as strong as stone ready to conquer her vagina. They both touched their body and kissed intimately on all over their body licking every inch of their aroused bodies. His hands reached to her soft lower lips exploring the depths of it with his fingers. She moaned in pleasure as he kept stroking her vagina with his middle finger. The guy noticed that her model escort’s panties were bothering him in getting utmost pleasure so he removed her panties in a whip and threw her on the bed. Now they both were naked and lights were bright so the girl turned the lights a little dim while the man poured themselves whiskey in two separate glasses. They drank in a go and continued to the journey of pleasure in an unforgettable night!

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